Preparing For A Move Within Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Beyond

Moving can quickly become an overwhelming task if not properly prepared for. We’ve put together these moving tips to help make your move smooth and stress-free .

Whether you are moving to a new city/state or moving down the block, it is important to stay organized during your move. Long Moving & Storage LLC has put together the following tips and steps for a successful move.

STEP 1 – Make A Plan
(This should be done as soon as you know you are moving – ideally 3-4 months in advance)

Once you have decided to move, you’ll need to come up with an initial move plan. If you are staying in the same city, this plan won’t need to be as complex, but if you are moving across the country or to a new city, your plan will have additional items to consider. The earlier you can make this moving plan, the better. Once you and your family have a plan, you will all feel more at ease about your upcoming move.

You will need to decide on the following:

1. How will I transport my vehicles?
2. How will I transport my children?
3. How will I transport my pets?
4. Do I need help with the entire move or can I contribute in any way? (i.e. packing, transporting, lifting, etc)
5. What is the ideal moving timeline and dates?
6. Will I need storage at any time during my move?

STEP 2 – Make An Inventory Of Your Belongings:

The next step once you have the main details of your move figured out is to take a general inventory of your belongings. You will need this inventory to get accurate quotes from moving companies.

When making your inventory, keep the following tips in mind:

  • How does the size of my new home compare to the size of the home I currently live in?
  • Are there items I have that I no longer need that I should throw away, sell or donate?
  • Are there items I may have that aren’t worth the cost of moving that I could easily re-purchase in my new city or state?

Include the Following In Your Inventory: 

  • Appliances You Are Taking
  • Sofas, Loveseats, Automans
  • Mattresses, Bed Frames, Headboards
  • Dressors, Chests, Nightstands
  • Dining Tables, Kitchen Tables, Coffee Tables, Side Tables
  • Children’s Furniture – Rocking Chairs, Changing Tables, Cribs
  • Office Furniture
  • Chairs
  • Patio Furniture, Grills
  • Lamps, Area Rugs, Artwork
  • Rugs
  • Electronics including Tv’s, DVD Players, Gaming Systems, Speaker Systems, etc.
  • Lawn/Outdoor Equipment
  • Estimate of Boxes Needed – Think About Clothing, Dishes, Kitchen Items, Electronics, Toys, Antiques, Books, Collectibles, Curtains, Bedding, Towels, Albums, etc


You will have a lot of information coming to you over the next several months related to your move. It is a good idea to create a file of moving documents so you can keep everything organized.

The file can be digital or paper and should include the following items as you receive them:

  • Mover Contract
  • Contracts For Storage Companies
  • Receipts of Moving Expenses
  • Insurance Information
  • Rental Contracts/Mortgage Information
  • To-Do Lists
  • General Notes About The Move
  • New School Checklists
  • Airline Ticket Information
  • Rental Car Information
  • Pet Records

Step #4 – Interview & Hire A Moving Company

You’ve created an ideal moving plan and have decided how much you are willing to participate in your move. You know what you are bringing with you and you are prepared to have all of your documents in order. It is time to find and hire a moving company.

See Tips For Hiring A Moving Company

Step #5 – Make Other Arrangements Related To Your Move

Once you have hired a moving company, you now will have a better understanding of how the moving process will work and you will know your dates.

Now is a good time to schedule anything else related to your move including:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Vet Appointments
  • Storage Needs
  • Car Rentals
  • Ordering Packing Supplies

Step # 6 – Packing and Other Moving Prep – 1 month Prior To Your Move

It is always a good idea to give your self a lot of extra time for packing. It is amazing how quickly moving day will approach and you will be less stressed out if you have begin the packing process way ahead of time.

  • Start to arrange an area of your home where you can store packed boxes.
  • Begin packing items you won’t need until you arrive at your new home (i.e. – extra toys, out of season clothing, extra kitchen supplies.
  • Be sure to label boxes with the contents, the room it belongs in, and if the item is fragile or not.
  • Arrange For a Babysitter if Necessary for Moving Day
  • Contact Utility Companies to disconnect and re-connect
  • Keep Your Child’s School Informed and Your Work Informed of All Moving Dates
  • Begin To Sell, Donate or Discard Items You Don’t Need

Step # 7 – 1 Week Prior To Your Move

By the time you reach 1 week prior to your move date, you should be very well organized. Most items should already be packed or organized (if your moving company will pack your items). At this point only the basic necessities should be left unpacked.

To Do Items For 1 Week Prior:

  • Confirm Your Moving Arrangements
  • Create a meal plan for your final week so you don’t waste food and also so you can pack as much of your kitchen as possible.
  • Pack a special travel suitcase for you and your children.
  • Create a box of supplies you may need upon arrival when you arrive in your new home. This box can either come with you or be easily accessible on moving day.

Step #8 – 1-2 Days Prior To Your Move

  • Finish and pack all remaining laundry
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics you are bringing with you
  • Defrost your fridge and freezer if you are bringing it with you.
  • Pack all remaining Items
  • Make Sure You have important items with you (i.e. – plane tickets, keys, important documents, items you need while you are in transit.

Long Moving and Storage LLC is here to help you make your moving plans as smooth as possible. We hope these moving tips will help make your move stress-free and organized. Please feel free to contact us anytime for advice or with any questions.