Moving Safes & Vault Doors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut

Our specialty division can handle moving gun safes and other types of safes from your home or business in Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut.

We are capable of moving and relocating any size safe. In our history, we have moved hundred of gun safes, security safes, bank safes and more. It’s important to remember – moving a safe can be very dangerous. When moving heavy items like this it’s possible to lose control, risking a serious crushing injury and even death. Why risk it? Let our special safe movers handle the job using the right equipment. We have the tools and knowledge to safely handle moving safe & vault doors in New England. Whether moving a safe from your garage, basement or upstairs we are here to get the job done.

What you can expect when we move your safe:

  • Your safe will be fully padded and shrink wrapped prior to leaving its original location. This helps ensure safety and conceals the fact that we are moving a safe.
  • Door, floor and stair protection is used during the move to prevent any damage to your home or business.
  • We use stair climbing dollies, 4 wheels dollies, all terrain dollies, ramps, lever bars, straps and other equipment when transporting your safe to ensure a successful move.

Why Choose Long Moving & Storage LLC to Move Your Safe?